How to survive the winter blues in Corona times

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Admittedly, as I sit here writing this post, I am longing to be on holiday with friends and family in the south, eating fresh pasta with tomatoes and listening to the sound of the sea. But it’s not happening right now. So instead I sit in our flat in Berlin (okay, not bad either ;)), where the sun sets at 4 p.m., and think about how I can make my everyday life in winter so nice that I’m in such a good mood every day, as if I were on holiday. I don’t want to complain at all, because fortunately you often don’t need much at all. But the most important commodity- social contacts- is scarce in these times, which increases its importance. In the following, I’ll give you a few tips on how to survive the winter blues in Corona times. Have fun reading! 🙂

Top tips against the winter blues (in Corona times):

  1. Find company. Whether it’s doing sports together, cooking, talking, laughing, hugging or reading silently together – in company the darkness suddenly feels a little brighter. Social contacts are good for the soul and strengthen the entire organism. If in doubt, a phone call or video call can also help.
  2. If company is not available, be your own best company. Treat yourself like your best friend. Cook yourself a good meal, make yourself comfortable on the sofa, light a candle and read a good book. Or listen to music and dance to it. Then take a bath (if you have a bath) and have some tea with a little sweet treat. Bake some biscuits or watch a video that interests you and puts you in a good mood.
  3. Get out into the fresh air. Take a walk through a nice neighbourhood, a park or along a river. Enjoy the autumn tones. If the weather is good, sit on a bench and put your face in the sun for a few minutes. Buy a piece of cake and a coffee (or a hot drink of your choice, in a reusable mug of course :)) at a nice café and enjoy both to the fullest.
  4. Bake something. Whether it’s bread, biscuits, cakes or waffles. The smell of freshly baked goods works wonders against gloom. Then enjoy them while they are still slightly warm, alone or invite friends over for dinner.
  5. Find a new project. Plant wildflowers, learn the guitar, make pottery, knit, bake with sourdough, paint… there is so much to do!
  6. Eat good, nutritious food, broths, warm stews and crunchy winter salads. Spice up your sweet dishes with cinnamon, cardamom and gingerbread spice. Eat enough fat from butter, coconut oil, olive oil and some linseed oil. A diet too low in fat can have a negative effect on mood. Substitute vitamin D3 if necessary.
  7. Eat spicy food. Spice up your food with chilli, pepper and ginger (be sure to try my ginger shot and chilli chocolate recipe), the spiciness releases endorphins. Of course, don’t overdo it so much that you can’t taste the food itself.
  8. Exercise. Whether it’s YouTube videos, memory or just plain old exercise – endurance, stretching and strength exercises will get you out of breath and out of your mind. You’ll feel better afterwards, for sure!
  9. Breathe in deeply, close your eyes and feel the peace and quiet that surrounds you (that is, if you’re not doing the exercise on a busy street or in a day-care group, but it can be very relaxing there too) and inside you. Breathe out slowly (the ratio of inhalation to exhalation should be about 1:3).
  10. Do not sleep too much. Even if it is dull and dark outside, get up and get on your feet. Otherwise your circulation will slow down too much.
  11. Give someone a nice surprise. Pack a small package with homemade biscuits or create an Advent calendar – it will also make you happy to experience the joy of the recipient.

With this in mind, keep your chin up and make yourself comfortable, better times are coming again!

All the best,



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