Healthy chocolate granola

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Today I would like to share with you my recipe for a delicious, quick to make and super healthy chocolate granola. It comes without a lot of frills, is cheap and can be thrown together in a few minutes. The idea for this granola came about when we ran out of ready-made granola from the supermarket and didn’t have time to go shopping. Half a disaster, because a morning without granola is only half as good 😉 Then I asked myself if it wasn’t possible to make the whole thing just as tasty and healthier yourself. Yes, you can!

Many muesli mixtures from the supermarket contain a lot of sugar and oils that you would never consume as a pure ingredient. Hidden in muesli form, however, they are often hardly noticeable. In most cases, we would not classify our breakfast meal as a sweet, but as a wholesome, nutrient-rich start to the day. To ensure that this is really the case, it is an advantage if you are involved in the production process yourself and know what is in it! Because then there would never be so much sugar and low-quality oil.

The recipe for the chocolate granola is changeable, so you can omit the cocoa or replace the honey with a vegan sweetener alternative. You can also change the seeds and nuts used as you wish. We have a flake crusher, so we can always flake the oats fresh ourselves. (Note: in my opinion, it is well worth buying a flake crusher! That way you don’t have to resort to heat-treated flakes from the supermarket and have all the power of the whole grain in your bowl!)

Note: I would consider the granola more of a topping for overnight soaked oats, as too much might be hard to digest.

Recipe for 1 baking tray of chocolate granola :

Dry ingredients:

approx. 250 g seeded oat flakes

1 cup each of linseed and sunflower seeds

1 handful of almonds (or nuts to your taste; pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts or walnuts are also delicious)

Dry ingredients (the oats are still whole, so not yet flaked)

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl.

Melt 2 full tbsp coconut oil,

1 tbsp honey (or sweetener of your choice),

cocoa and cinnamon (amount to taste) over low heat while stirring. Then add the mixture to the dry ingredients and mix well.

Heat the oven to 175 °C convection.

Line a baking tray with baking paper (or a more sustainable alternative), spread the mixture on it and bake (keeping a regular eye on it, as muesli likes to darken quickly) for about 15 minutes. Let it cool well (it will get really crunchy) and store it in an airtight container.

Tip: If your granola is not crunchy enough, you may need to add more oil next time!

I like to serve the finished granola over a portion of oatmeal and top it with fresh fruit and „milk“. It keeps you full and doesn’t spike your blood sugar as quickly as most store-bought cereals. In winter, I especially like to drink a small ginger shot before a meal. That way the body is well supplied with nutrients and the day can get off to a good start.

I wish you lots of fun and a good appetite!

Your Alina

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